The new Bingo Entertainment Network has been launched with four innovative bingo games featuring state-of-the-art software and ground-breaking graphics.

Bingo Entertainment Ltd proudly announces the release of Imperial Bingo, Paramount Bingo, Starlight Bingo and Emerald Bingo, which together make up the fastest-growing online bingo network.

Each of the games is designed to be completely different to the others, ensuring that individual brands stand out. This unique customization goes far beyond ‘white labelling’ or ‘skins’ and creates a real brand that licensees can be proud to promote.

Bingo networks are a relatively new concept, and channel a greater number of players into one online bingo hall. Bingo Entertainment’s experience in online bingo ensures licensees have a proven, high-performing software product with unparalleled graphics and management.

Bingo Entertainment presents potential licensees with a customized bingo gaming system, an integrated payment system and the maintenance and administration services necessary for the operation of the licensed gaming system.

All licensees have to do is generate traffic to participate in Bingo Entertainment Network, which aims at becoming the biggest bingo network in the world.

Every licensee of Bingo Entertainment will receive a fully customized bingo game, which will feed the players into one large bingo hall. The more the licensees, the more the players, the bigger and more attractive are the prizes and jackpots, resulting in bigger profits for all involved.

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