From the moment the 18th Annual World Championship Bingo Tournament & Gaming Cruise Repeaters Club members walked into the tournament registration room, they knew something was different.

After gathering their name badges and their tournament tote bags bulging with Bingo T-shirts, daubers, and other surprises, players were escorted to a second table, where representatives of Platinum Sponsor Bingo Entertainment Ltd, the online gaming giant, welcomed players to the event and showered them with more gifts, including a goody bag containing a limited edition plush toy, mouse pad, fridge magnet, and voucher book so players could try Bingo Entertainment’s websites for free. “Good heavens, look at all this cool stuff!” one excited player said. “I’m glad I brought a half-empty suitcase so I can get it all home!”

Surprises continued during the Bingo Tournament, when Bingo Entertainment representatives took to the stage to welcome a boisterous group of lucky online Bingo players – “Hairclown” of Coshocton, Ohio; “Sayrd” of Pottersville, New York; “Bassin Babe” of Dayton, Texas; “Pkme” of Salem, Oregon; “Marie2706” of Louisdale, Nova Scotia, Canada; “Brennyfl” of Pembroke Pines, Florida; “Megamouth” of Mexico, New York; “4 ever blue” of Monticello, Georgia; and “Sugarnet” of Ponchatoula, Louisiana – all of whom had won free passage on Carnival Legend and entry in the $80,000 World Championship Bingo Tournament as participants in Bingo Entertainment’s online games. And if that wasn’t enough, the company also added $2,000 in prize money by sponsoring one of the tournament games.

“I was totally amazed at the beautiful cruise ship and the crowds of people,” says Bingo Entertainment player Carol Bradford of Coshocton, Ohio. “I met the greatest Bingo players and we became friends. Playing Bingo was amazing, the jackpots were huge, and I was in awe to win!”

For those new to Internet Bingo, Bingo Entertainment Ltd. ( is among the leading companies in the online Bingo industry, offering players 12 different Bingo sites to choose from. In addition to Bingo, Bingo Entertainment offers online slots, pull tabs, video poker, keno, and blackjack, with huge progressive jackpots, cash and chat specials.

“Bingo Entertainment was the official Platinum Sponsor of the World Championship Bingo Tournament and Gaming Cruise, and we were extremely excited to have them aboard,” say Bingo Bugle president Tara Snowden. “And we are very happy that they will be with us again in 2007.”

Bingo Entertainment marketing executive Harry Christodoulou came away from the tournament impressed with the professionalism of the event and in awe of the passion in which “real world” Bingo players approach the game. “We operate in a ‘virtual’ gaming world where fans can play Bingo at their leisure in the comfort of their own homes. It’s quite a contrast to see so many players with their paper and daubers competing en masse. Clearly, both ways of playing are lots of fun. That’s why I strongly urge Bingo hall players to take a look at our site and give it a try. It brings a whole new dimension to the Bingo experience.”

The same could be said of virtual players, who may never have set foot in a Bingo hall. “To all that read this, I would like to say that [the Tournament Cruise] is the best thing I ever did in my life,” says Bingo Entertainment cruise prizewinner Brenda Harkins of Pembroke Pines, Florida. “Thank you for this lifetime dream and for the memories I will always have.”