One of the internet’s most reputable and popular online bingo sites,, has been awarding bingo players with more bingo jackpots over the last week.

It was announced that two lucky players managed to scoop the Main Hall Nickels Progressive Jackpot within the space of two days.

First, the player known to her roomies as “daydreemer” from Adair, Iowa won the $1,979.66 Nickels Progressive Jackpot on October 14th while playing the very popular bingo game Speeding Nickels.

What is more amazing is that she managed to scoop this great prize by purchasing 100 bingo cards worth 5cents each and placing the small bet of $5.00.

Later that week and more specifically on October 16th, the player that goes by the nickname “liltina” hit the Nickels Progressive Jackpot yet again while playing her favourite game Super Nickels.

The player from Killeen, Texas had this to say about her win: “I was in total shock; I was yelling and clapping my hands. I got up and told my husband, come and look at my winnings, He was shocked as well. I’m so happy I finally won the Jackpot, thanks a million.”

The $1,019.16 Jackpot couldn’t have come at a better time as she explains: “I will pay a few medical bills as I recently had a surgery, buy some new shoes and the new WII game for my grandsons.”

Before all this bingo online action and excitement took place, another player known as “Dawnabell” from Ontario Canada was hitting the popular side game KENO for a total of $1,800.00 on October 13th.

This is what she had to say about the new and revamped Bingo Gala and about playing Keno: “I like the new Bingo Gala Flash, have had no problems and it is fun. My favourite games are Speed, Powerball and Keno. I like the way I can win big money on Keno and I also like the High Rollers Hall as well.”

She continued by saying: “I love online bingo because I like the fast cashout response and playing in the comfort of my own home. I really love the roomies and of course the CMs. I like playing at Bingo Gala a lot, it is fun and friendly and some days I just laugh my head off.”

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