If you are a lover of daytime soaps, then you will know that nothing goes together better than watching the TV, and playing a few games of online bingo at the same time.

And one of the most popular chat games at Ritzy Bingo is called Neighbours. This plays every afternoon at Ritzy Bingo between 3 PM and 4 PM GMT. We all know that everybody needs good neighbours, and at Ritzy Bingo, this especially important. Be in the chat room while you are playing, and every time your neighbour wins a full house, you get one bonus point. Isn’t it wonderful to have such generous neighbours?

This is just one of many free bingo chat games that take place on the Ritzy Bingo schedule – other games include Turtle Races, and Pick 3. Indulging in chat games is the perfect way to earn free bingo bonuses, and of course to meet your new neighbours.

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