The largest progressive bingo jackpot in BINGOGALA™ history was won a few days ago and it was one lucky player that scooped the lot.

For the month of July BINGOGALA™ kept running their promotion to add $1000 every day to the progressive bingo jackpot and throughout the promotion a number of absolutely huge jackpots have been won.

Shortly after winning the progressive bingo jackpot at BINGOGALA™ worth a mind blowing $28,210.72 we caught up with the lucky player, nicknamed “pjem” for a quick chat.

She started by saying: “When I won this jackpot I was in absolute shock! I couldn’t believe it, I never thought I would or could. I think I still don’t believe it really. I wasn’t going to play this game as I didn’t think I had a chance and then I thought; what the heck, I’ll give it a go as you’ve got to be in it to win it. I have won jackpots before but never one of this size, I never thought it was possible. It’s unimaginable to me to win this sort of money.″

The money couldn’t have come at a better time: “I am going to pay out my car loan, take my family on a holiday as well as pick up some baby furniture. The timing was perfect with a baby on the way; it might be a long time between holidays.”

If you are wondering what makes “pjem″ keep coming back to BINGOGALA™ , this is what she had to say: “BINGOGALA™ is the best site to play at. The people and the prizes are great! I would like to say a massive thank you to all at BINGOGALA™ including those behind the scenes. Good luck to all in the future. May you have the luck I was blessed with that day″.

BINGOGALA™ is one of the most popular bingo halls on the net, with so much money up for grabs and providing a friendly and fun atmosphere to all its players.