Will you be a big winner next time you play online bingo? Every day, hundreds of people across the world win large jackpots, gadgets, gizmos, and incredible prizes that would put a TV quiz show to shame.

The secret to increasing your chances of winning a big prize is to do your homework. Every online bingo site has a Promotions page on their website. Here, you can research and find out what competitions are coming up next, and pre-purchase your tickets accordingly. Use the auto buy feature, stock up on tickets for the game of your choice, and who knows? Next time you login, you could be a big winner.

This is another beauty of online bingo – you don’t even have to be around when the game plays. Of course, logging on to enjoy the excitement as a game plays is the main part of the fun, but with today’s busy lifestyles, sometimes it’s just not convenient to play every bingo game.

So, it’s time to do some research – instead of playing at the same site each time, spread your wings, discover new sites, and maximise your winning potential. We advise looking for sites that offer a no deposit bonus, so you can try before you buy. Good luck!