Some things get better after time… like fine wine… and the Cash Climber Jackpot at Gina Bingo. It works like this – the jackpot starts at £15 and grows by £15 every game until it is won. This is what is known as an MUST GO JACKPOT. The balls to hit the jackpot also increase by one each bingo game, and you must cover the pattern completely to win.

If it isn’t won during the next hour, the jackpot rolls over to the next slot. The excitement grows, the jackpot grows, somebody has got to win, will it be you? There is nothing that quite beats the excitement of watching the numbers count down, knowing that one roomie is about to scoop a huge windfall. The chat room falls silent and players concentrate on winning – you could cut the atmosphere with a knife. And then someone calls HOUSE! How exciting!

Want to feel the excitement for yourself? When you register at Gina Bingo, this is just one of many exciting jackpot you can chase. At time of press, the Super Pot 90 jackpot was standing at almost £8000 – one lucky bingo player will trigger it soon. So, join Gina Bingo today to take receipt of a £10 no deposit bonus, and a 350% deposit match. The jackpot is within your reach.