The most prestigious online bingo event of the year was exceptionally good this year with qualifiers vying for cash prizes totalling to $10,000!

We are talking of course about the Bingo World Championship 2006, which was sponsored by leading online bingo games operator BINGO ENTERTAINMENT LTD.

Following three months of extremely competitive Qualifying Rounds, 15 players from each of the 12 participating online bingo sites competed at the Grand Final, where a variety of 23 bingo games gave away in total $10,000 to 28 winners!

Long before the time the Grand Final was due to start on Wednesday March 8th, at 8pm EST, everything was in place to welcome the players.

The first 15 games were giving away $100 each for a bingo on any straight line. The competition was really heating up as the next 4 games were Blackouts, where winners got $300 for each game. This was followed by 2 Blackout games each giving $400. The two final games were the big ones with a Blackout on game 22, giving away $1,000 which was won by the player pitpit from Glamour Bingo. Game 23, another Blackout was won by player Angling, from BingoMEGA Quarter who took home $5,000 in cash!

After the completion of all the games at the Grand Final, BINGO ENTERTAINMENT LTD was left confident that this has been the most successful Bingo World Championship to date, and BINGO ENTERTAINMENT LTD has vowed that next year the event will be even bigger and better and will be giving away even more money.