After its recent takeover of the Interactive Playnet Network and the signing up of two new licensees, Bingo Entertainment today announced that it is preparing to enter the UK online bingo market.

For 10 years Bingo Entertainment has focused on the worldwide bingo market and never sought to offer a localised bingo game. Now it has stated that with the acquisition of a Maltese gaming license it will be launching new sites aimed solely at the UK market.

Richard Chambers, CEO of Bingo Entertainment said: “the performance of our games and network has gone from strength to strength and having established ourselves as clear leaders in the worldwide online bingo market, we have decided to invest in offering country specific games. We will be starting with the launch of our new standalone brand, Gina Bingo to the UK market in late March followed by the launch of our network to the UK market in early April. We are also working on our Spanish and Italian specific games which should go live later in the year.”

This comes amid news of the financial difficulties faced by another large bingo network operator. When asked about why when other bingo networks are going bust and closing their doors Bingo Entertainment is expanding, Richard said: “unlike many other operators who have recently closed their doors, we never attempted to attract players by offering ridiculous amounts of bonuses and never used underground processing companies to minimize costs and maximize short term profits. Our focus has always been on the quality, safety and security of our games and our reputation is built around those factors. In fact our main marketing tool has always been our good reputation. Our reputation is one of our most important assets. ”

He went on to add: “Players trust Bingo Entertainment and online bingo being a community game word does spread around, whether it be in chat rooms or forums, the Bingo Entertainment name has become synonymous with safe and secure gaming.”