Bingo Entertainment Exhibits Quality Games Bingo Entertainment Ltd, the fastest-growing online bingo marketing, management and licensing company, exhibited their quality online bingo games at the European I-gaming Conference and expo in November 2003.

The company introduced its new product, the Bingo Entertainment Network, which offers licensing for online bingo games. Both operators and industry professionals praised the quality of the game designs, and expressed interest in the online bingo industry, considered by many to be the emerging marketing in Internet gambling.

The Bingo Entertainment Network provides companies with the opportunity to develop their own online bingo brand by becoming licensed partners and benefiting from the expertise and know-how learned from the company’s five years in online bingo.

“Our competitive edge is our marketing and management knowledge,” says Sarah Fenwick, Business Development Manager. “Although there are other companies that offer bingo game software, we’re the only licensing company that fully commits to offering marketing expertise and consistent marketing support to our licensing partners, and that makes all the difference to a game’s level of success.”

The Bingo Entertainment Network is comprised of four brands, Imperial Bingo, Paramount Bingo, Emerald Bingo, and Starlight Bingo, all bringing players into one centralised bingo hall featuring bingo games, slot games, video poker games, and chat room.

Companies interested in developing their own online bingo brand are invited to contact Sarah Fenwick – – for more details.

Bingo Entertainment has managed and marketed online bingo games since 1999, including the popular Bingo Gala, Bingo Mega, Glamour Bingo and many more, all of which have become international hits with bingo fans.