This is the second time in little over a week that a huge progressive jackpot has been won at Premier Bingo browse around this web-site.

The winning player this time was “carolyn42” who won a stunning $5,614.08 on a progressive bingo jackpot. We had a chat with carolyn42 to see how she felt about her big win.
She started by saying: “It was chaos at my house when it really sank in that I had won the jackpot. My hubby didn’t believe me and my son thought I was crazy. I called everyone I knew to tell them.″

With her winnings she plans to: “I will take my family out for a nice dinner and then treat the grandkids to something special. Share the wealth as the saying goes.”

“carolyn42” wanted to conclude this interview by stating that: “I have been playing online bingo for a few years and this was my first jackpot win. I am a true believer now. Just a little note to all the online bingo players, don’t give up, it can happen.″