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Why choose Bingo Entertainment

Proven Success

By choosing one of the oldest names in the industry, operators will benefit from our in depth knowledge of the gaming market having nearly two decades of experience in the online industry.

A name you can trust!

Bingo Entertainment has fast developed into one of the most popular software companies in the online gaming industry. Founded in 1999, Bingo Entertainment has now expanded to an international staff of over 20, and has delivered financial performance of the highest standard.

As the leading provider of online bingo and casino game solutions, Bingo Entertainment creates unique games tailored to the modern online player that deliver powerful results and provide proven return on investment.

Our portfolio of games includes a vast array of original instant games and a collection of games optimised for smartphone and tablets. So whether you’re looking to migrate your gaming environment online or enhance your existing operations, we have you covered.

Bingo Entertainment Game Licensing

Bingo Entertainment’s online gaming solutions allow for easy and complete integration and solutions for any casino operator. These options include the complete customisation of your product as well as integration with any preexisting system, such as a sportsbook or poker room.

Existing operators can choose to add all of our games or be more selective when adding to their offerings. Each game is offered as a module thus enabling operators to create a custom package.

Our friendly team of Account Managers and Customer Support staff is always ready to help your operation achieve and maintain success. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, ready to assist with your needs and questions, custom tailored to your specifications.

Over 100 Unique Games !