Shortly after winning a stunning $3,484.02 on a progressive bingo jackpot at BINGOGALA™ we caught up with the lucky player, nicknamed “ineedabingo” for a quick chat.

His first reaction was: “When I won the JP I was ready to fall out of my chair, I couldn’t believe it.”

This was a very memorable win for “ineedabingo” because: “The night before I had to put my dog to sleep because he was real sick and when I won the JP I had his picture right in front of me and holding it for good luck. It felt like my dog was right here with me so that was a day I will never forget.″

With his winnings he was thrilled to say: “I plan on taking my kids to enchanted forest water safari over the summer with my parents and my brothers and just enjoy the rest.”

After recently joining the site he had this to say about BINGOGALA™: “I enjoy BINGOGALA™ obviously because I won a jackpot and secondly because there are so many nice people there, especially the CM’s.”

BINGOGALA™ would like to send their condolences to “ineedabingo” for the loss of his dog and wish him happy holidays.

Remember you could be next!