Shortly after winning an incredible $2,642.28 on a progressive bingo jackpot at Main Street Bingo we caught up with the lucky player, nicknamed “pookie2005” for a quick chat.

She was quick to point out that: “When I won the jackpot I was typing so I didn’t realise it until I got the pop-up. I was so happy!”

She continued by saying: “I never expected to win another jackpot at Main Street, I won one back in April I believe. I just would like to say that everyone will win a JP someday, it’s not impossible.

When it comes to choosing an online bingo site to play “pookie2005” had this to say about Main Street Bingo:

“I don’t just play at Main Street for the jackpot, I like the people and the Cash Specials are great. I have been playing online bingo for 5 years and the only site I’ve won at is Main Street Bingo microsoft project online alternative. You are the best!”

Main Street Bingo would like to thank “pookie2005” for her kind words and remind everyone that there is still time to play in the Bingo World Championship and the Cruise Miles Tournament, both of which are offering absolutely fantastic prizes!